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Drink Like The Russians

To preserve the remainders of their identity, Russians hold on to whatever stereotypes the world holds about them. And drinking is one.

Are Russians big drinkers? Not more than the rest of the world, and Japan might kick their drinking habits in the groin. Do they have their own drinking culture? They do, like any other country in the world. Are they proud of how much they drink? And who isn’t?

And yet, there is something about Russian drinking that makes your heart race. We asked our resident squad to go into the nearest supermarket, stock up whatever felt right and went photomedieval on Russian food and drink. The results made us salivate, even though vodka kills your brain cells.

The ultimate drinkoff
Stolichnaya Vodka with a pickle, some sausage and cheese
Stolichnaya Vodka, hardcore intellectual style, with sausage and a little more sausage.

A bottle of Stolichnaya for three, soft cheese “Druzhba” for snack
Rye bread, canned fish and a bottle of Stolichnaya
Rye bread, traditional bacon and same old Stolichnaya

Pure, raw and uncut: a vodka and a pickle
Spiced up wine, Kagor, from the South of Russia
Although cognac is considered a separate treat, it can accompany any meal. Not in this case, though.

Most of the products seen in the photoshoot can be traced back to the Soviet times, where everything seemed better-tasting and true. Today, as years go by, it’s getting increasingly hard to grab a hold of a true Soviet product—among all the imported goods Russians enjoy. From a genuine Irish Jameson to imported Guinness, from Spanish Jamón to original French cheeses, Swiss chocolate and Greek produce—Russian shops seem to have it all these days.

So how do you drink like the Russians?

Join the Russians and find out!

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The ultimate drinkoff

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